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Cousins on the hunt!

This was a fun bridge to walk across

A nice spot to sit

Gotta love a fern

And it was all yellow. Found a surprisingly pleasant walk hidden behind Tesco back in autumn

So many blueberries this year from our 2 little bushes, this isn't even half of them! Time to get baking muffins!

Someone is keen to walk!

Window through to a golden field

Yo. Check ma pots innit.

Spoons are too slow, gimme the bowl!

Discovering grass! #spring

Angel face

Roscoe 3 months old

A fantastically festive day out! @waddesdonmanor_nt @WaddesdonManor

Yes mummy IS very funny.

Happy Halloween from Roscoe and his new girlfriend Eliza!

Roscoe with his new knitted safari friends from Nanny

Silver lining

Amber leaves